From a customer in Rochester, NY 5 Stars

Everyone was equally helpful. Our salesperson Justin & the project overseer Charlie were always delightful to work with. Erin was able to communicate well what was needed, and able to put my husbands anxieties at bay. It was great that they always had the answers we were seeking.

From a customer in Rochester, NY 5 Stars

I'd like to recognize my salesmen for their exceptional service. They were very helpful, came back when they said they would, and they always called me. They were very well received. I appreciated that the sales team was involved that much. Typically, a salesperson makes a sale and moves on to the next customer.

From a customer in Leroy, NY 5 Stars

I would like to recognize Erie's follow-up estimator who comes out to double check all of the work by the sales representative, as well as Drew, the subcontractor, for their exceptional services.

From a customer in Rochester, NY 5 Stars

I was satisfied with the overall project completed by Erie Construction Midwest. We were given great service. Our sales representative was very kind and gave great service. Also, the project was completed earlier than scheduled.

From a customer in Rochester, NY 5 Stars

The presentation was very professional, and when Drew and his crew came they were very, very nice, and it was like boom boom boom, and it was done. I hope that nothing's wrong. We've had a couple of bad rainstorms as of late and I haven't noticed anything yet.

From a customer in Shortsville, NY 5 Stars

I'd like to recognize the two installers that did my roof for their exceptional service. They did a fantastic job as far as I'm concerned. Everything was taken care of, and they really worked hard.

From a customer in Corfu, NY 5 Stars

I would be happy to refer anybody to Erie Construction. I believe they do good work, and I believe that they stand behind their work, so I would absolutely refer them to anybody.

From a customer in Scottsville, NY 5 Stars

I was most satisfied with the efficiency of the workers and their ability to accommodate things. I was also satisfied with the communication. They went up there and took pictures of the attic with their iPad, and I thought that was very high tech. They were accommodating all the way around.

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  • I was most satisfied with the workmanship and the final job. I was really happy with that11 days ago in CRESTWOOD, MO
  • We would like to recognize the the whole team. The sales people were really, really good. The person who came out to measure was very clear about what was going on. The installers themselves were very professional. The whole team exceeded our expectations.14 days ago in Cottrellville, MI
  • I am most satisfied with the speed of the work. The construction crew were incredible.14 days ago in WILSON, NY
  • I would recognize Shawn for his exceptional service. He came out late on a weeknight, even though it was out of his schedule, but he made the time for us. He also worked with us during the project when we changed our minds twice. He fielded numerous calls and was great to work with. The service manager...14 days ago in HILTON, NY
  • The two representatives that came to the house did an excellent job. The workers came in, did their job, and didn't waste any time getting it done. They knew what was on the order and took care of it.51 days ago in Bonne Terre, MO
  • It came out nice & overall they did an excellent job. some roofs look cheaper than others and the quality looks great. I also like the fact that they said they will come back in ten years to check on it.51 days ago in Waterbury, CT
  • I was most satisfied with the job. They did a very good job. They were quick and clean. It was a good experience.51 days ago in Sidney, OH
  • I would like to recognize everybody who worked on the project for their exceptional service. Adam is the head of the crew and he and his crew were wonderful, professional, courteous, and polite. Everything you would want, they were it!56 days ago in MASSILLON, OH
  • I was most satisfied with how quickly they got the job done. It was a crew a 4 and they were really quick about doing their job and they knew what they were doing.56 days ago in EATON, OH
  • I was satisfied with the contractors they used. He worked diligently, did it all in a day, and kept my house clean. We did not experience any discomfort because of the cold. He worked quickly and I appreciated it.61 days ago in NORTH BALTIMORE, OH